New Home and Mobile Banking
Log In Requirements

SECU's free Home and Mobile Banking are a great way to
monitor your account activity and perform transactions!
Just like any other online account you use, you must
be as diligent as you can with keeping your information safe.
That's why beginning January 16, 2018, existing users will be
required to update your login ID and password.
The first time you log in on or after this date, you will be
prompted to update your account.
The online system will have you update your password first, then
as you log in again, it will have you change your login ID.

New Home Banking users will use their member number
as their login ID only when enrolling.

The new requirements are as follows:
Login ID
-up to 15 alphanumeric characters
-must have at least one letter
(spaces and special characters are NOT allowed)
-anything that includes your member number will
NOT be accepted. Please do not use your member number!

7 to 15 characters and
MUST include at least one of each:
-upper case letter
-lower case letter
-special character
--If you try too many times to login with incorrect information and
get locked out, you must call the credit union to be unlocked.
Our phone number is 815-626-8181.

*To update your login ID and/or password, simply log in to Home Banking
(not through the mobile app) and go to the 'services' tab!