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The Select Employees Credit Union recently revised our Mission and Vision statements and added a Values statement as part of our Strategic Plan. What is the purpose of these and why are they important?

A vision is a shared image of what we want our organization to be or become, particularly in the eyes of our members. It is important because it gives us direction for all of the decisions we make. We want to ensure that everything we do moves us toward our vision.

The Select Employees Credit Union will be recognized by our members as the cornerstone upon which to build financial security.

A Mission statement tells how we are going to do business in order to fulfill the Vision. The Vision is the place we want to go or the journey we want to make; the Mission is the meaning for traveling.

The Select Employees Credit Union will meet the needs of members by providing financial products and services delivered with integrity, personal care and individualized attention.

Core Values are important in establishing a real and meaningful culture in our organization. These values are the ones that the leaders stand up for and the staff incorporates into their performance. Because we believe that service to our members is the core of our organization's culture, our values are written to reflect that belief.

The Select Employees Credit Union will meet the needs of its members as defined and distinguished by its Service Values:

S - We will honor the select status of our members by treating them with dignity and respect.

E - We will strive for excellence in meeting the service needs of our members.

R - We take responsibility for our actions as individuals and as an organization.

V - We will only offer value-added products to our members.

I - Our integrity will ensure handling of your personal financial business with strictest confidentiality.

C - Your convenience will always be a priority.

E - We are committed to continuing to educate ourselves and our members to ensure current products and effective practices.