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Select Employees Credit Union offers two types of Visa credit cards.

Visa Classic:

13.50% APR for purchases and cash advances!

The Classic Visa has the ScoreCard Cash Back program. For every qualified purchase* you make, you'll receive an annual Cash Back reward. Earn Cash Back when you pay bills online, buy groceries, donate to your favorite charity, and when you purchase products and services.

The ScoreCard Cash Back program is an automatic feature of your card, so you do not need to sign up.

*Qualified purchases do not include returns or cash advances.

ScoreCard Cash Back Program

Yearly Purchases Cash Back Bonus
up to $1,000 .25%
$1,001-$2,000 .50%
$2,001-$3,000 .75%
$3,000 and up 1.00%

Visa Platinum:

9.90% APR for purchases and cash advances!

You must qualify for a $5,000.00 limit. No cash back program.

To learn more about factors to consider when applying for or using a credit card, visit the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at: more.

To apply, you may stop in the credit union to pick up an application, or call and we can mail one to you.

Customer Service Numbers:

For after business hours, please call: 1-800-247-4222

Lost/Stolen Numbers: 1-800-543-5073
If you are out of the country, you may call collect: 1-727-227-2447

Fraud Department: 1-855-961-1602
Program this number into your phone so you will know who is calling you if there is a question about a charge on your card.


Manage your credit card account online. Receive alerts regarding important account activity.

VISA Activity

View Visa activity right from within SECU's Home Banking! One log in, two websites!


When traveling, there is a possibility that your transaction may be blocked until the fraud department can verify if a charge is yours. Please keep the Visa fraud department phone number with you: 1-855-961-1602.

Automatic Billing Updater Mandate

Visa has introduced a mandate called the Automatic Billing Updater which requires us to send updated card information to them so they can share it with your account-on-file merchants.

For example, if you have enrolled your credit card to make recurring payments every month for your electric bill, you won't have to call the electric company to update your card's expiration date when you get a new one. The Automatic Billing Updater will do that for you!

There will be no disruption of service or denied charges because of out of date card information. If you wish to opt-out of this free service, you may send us a secure message from Home Banking, or notify us in writing by sending a fax to 815-626-8181, or by mail at 2412 Freeport Road, Sterling, IL 61081. You may also stop in the credit union and sign a form.

Some "free trial" offers are too good to be true!

Stop needless charges to your debit or credit card by approaching free trial offers with caution! If the offer requires a card number, read the fine print thoroughly and consider the offer carefully. Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!