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This card can be loaded (and re loaded) for any dollar amount between $100.00 and $5,000.00 and can be used everywhere Visa cards are accepted! You are able to access cash at ATM's or over the counter at a financial institution. Funds that are loaded/reloaded here at the credit union are available in just a couple of hours!

Visit these websites to locate ATMs that will NOT charge their surcharge fee! (Co-op or Alliance One) Please note there is still a $1.50 transaction fee.

Balance Inquiries, Transaction History:

1-833-729-2843 (You will need the card number and PIN number you selected when activating the card)

Lost/Stolen Cards: 1-833-729-2843

Try the free CUMONEY app to view balances and history! It's available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

Travel Card Facts and Fees

Service Amount Fee Frequency
Purchase Card (Chip Card) -- $5.00 One-time
PIN transactions $2,500 max -- up to 25 a day
Signature Transactions $5,000 max -- up to 25 a day
Cash Advances $1,000 max -- up to 2 a day

All fees listed are taken off the balance of the card. Members do NOT pay the credit union for them.

Service Amount Fee Frequency
ATM transactions $500 max $1.50 up to 3 a day - fee is for withdrawal and balance inquiries
International ATM transactions -- $2.00 up to 3 a day - fee is for withdrawal and balance inquiries
(may be additional fees for use of the machine by that institution)
Re-Load Card $100 - $5,000 $2.00 after initial load amount which is free
Negative Balance -- $15.00 for each overdraft
Denied Transaction (ATM or Merchant) -- $.50 at ATM or merchant
Inactivity -- $5.00 monthly -- after 10 months of inactivity
Automated Voice Telephone calls -- $.50 per call after 4 free a month
Live Customer Service Telephone calls -- $5.00 per call after 2 free a month
Replace Lost/Stolen Card -- $5.00 --
Next day delivery of replacement card -- $35.00 --
International Transactions -- up to 2% when currency conversion occurs
Cash Out -- $15.00 to close and remove funds on the card

**pay at the pump requires a balance of $51.00 or higher on the card

If you would like to access your Travel Money Card activity online, please review this important information:

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has issued guidance regarding accessing debit card account information online and has required stricter methods of identity verification.

The upgraded Security Authentication requires:

  • Stronger IDs and passwords
  • Verifying a sequence of characters displayed as a graphic. Example:
    Captcha security authentication
  • Verifying a 5 digit code sent to you via a telephone call or text message

The new authentication methods are a means to help keep your card information safe and secure and will help lessen any chances of theft. If you have any questions or would like help re-enrolling your card, please contact the credit union at 815-626-8181.

Information Regarding Reloading your Travel Money Card Via the Website

Members are able to reload their Travel Money cards from a SECU account through the website. To do so, you will need to have your SECU account verified first. When you log into the cumoney website, the system will walk you through the one time set up procedure that takes approximately 6 days to complete. There will be two small transactions made with your account as part of the process. You will need to enter the amount of those transactions into the cumoney website to verify your account. Once the account is approved, you can start adding funds from your account to your card. If you use this method to reload funds to your card, please keep in mind that those funds will not be available on your card for approximately 3 days. If you need funds on your card sooner than that, you can call or stop into the credit union to reload. We can grant you access to the funds in just a couple hours! Please contact us with any questions!